Book Review: What the Smartest Man in the World Could Not Figure Out

This book covers how Einstein, the smartest man in the world, couldn’t believe the greatest truth in the world because it was just too childlike.

I found it amazing that Einstein refused the ultimate Truth because he couldn’t fathom a God that could both reward and punish people.

Let’s put it into terms we understand here on earth. When something horrible happens and a person is wronged, there is a general outcry for justice. Even the most liberal and tolerant thinking people on earth want justice when it touches their lives. None of us want to see the criminal just walk away, get off scot-free, and suffer no consequences for the evil they did.

I think about the young man who with his reckless, drunk driving killed five people in our community – including a friend of ours. The judge in the case wanted to help his young man so much that she took away any consequences he should have suffered for his wrong doing and only sentenced him to probation and time in a rehab.

That caused quite an uproar in not only our city, but all across the nation. Why? Because everyone could see that justice had not been given out. It was unfair. Five people had died and he only had to spend a little bit of time in a resort-like rehab facility.

So it is hard for me to believe that a man as smart as Einstein couldn’t see the result of no rewards and no punishment. But that’s what happens when we make a god in our own thinking. We want part of God – His creation, His love – but we don’t want all of Him – His morality and His judgment.~Becky Dornhecker, What the Smartest Man in the World Could Not Figure Out: The Dilemma that Stumped Einstein

This is an amazing book and I highly recommend it! ~Lion Oracles